Start the new year with some new equipment!

3600 Pull Thru BVR Skid Mounted

When the weather gets cold, check out our page of winterizing tips to safely store your equipment during the off-season.

Get ready for upcoming Spring projects with a brand new Dust Collector to keep your job site running clean and smooth.  Our custom built Collectors come in a range of makes and sizes up to our top of the line XL 80, pictured above. Or  bring in your older equipment for an upgrade and/or fine tuning! We can retrofit any make or model of machine to improve performance and extend operating life.

We design and manufacture all of our equipment with innovation and ingenuity.  We know that the tasks of completing a job in the blasting and coatings industry often require that equipment be operated in confined spaces and at dangerous heights.  That’s why we have been focusing on designs that can be handled safely in a small work-space and are easy to adjust and position in an optimal location, while continuing to deliver ADI’s superior level of surface preparation.  By condensing some of our popular systems such as the Pull Thru Classifier, HD20 or XL20 Dust Collectors, 2300BVR and 3500BVR, along with the 3500 Vacuum, we’ve reduced cost and space requirements, and increased maneuverability and portability.


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