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Life in the Blast Lane

In 1997, Russell and Cindy Roden established Atlantic Design Inc. from their home's dining room. After more than a decade working for other companies in the Blasting and Coating Industry, they realized the potential in catering to customers with engineering designs tailored specifically to their needs. 

ADI understands the high stakes involved in this demanding industry, as clients can face penalties for project delays and lose bids due to inadequate equipment. To give our customers a true edge over the competition, ADI has strived for perfection from the outset, understanding the rarity of second chances in this line of work.

A Family Affair

Atlantic Design, Inc. is a family owned and operated business headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland.  We have over 30 years experience in the Blasting and Coating Industry, and we pride ourselves in providing innovative and efficient solutions for our customer’s equipment needs. Call or visit our headquarters today to discover what our family can do for yours.

In-House Engineering 

Custom abrasive blast and reclaim equipment is no longer just for large companies and projects. To be competitive today all contractors in the Blasting & Coating Industry need custom equipment for their individual projects and budgets to maximize safety, efficiency, performance and profit. At ADI we staff our own professional engineers to continuously research and develop our systems.


As a result we are able to deliver safe, affordable solutions to support the industry’s most important asset: the worker. We know that keeping contract costs down should also include providing your worker with the safest and most efficient machines on the market.

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